Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bullpen Help On The Way

By now you have probably seen all over various Brewers blogs that RHP Jesus Colome will most likely be called up tomorrow from AAA Nashville. Colome was released by the Nationals last month and the Brewers picked him up and sent him to Nashville. All he has done there is throw 7 scoreless innings with 11 K's to 2 BB's. He has a mid 90's fastball and could turn out to be a nice option out of the pen in middle relief. And if not, he can't really be any worse then RJ Swindle or Chris Smith have been out of the pen. Those two are the most likely options to be the player sent down to make room on the roster for Colome. The Brewers don't really have any pitcher out of the pen other then Coffey that can throw gas so Colome will be a welcome addition.

I have to say, those west coast games really take it out of me. I was not able to stay awake for any of the games in their entirety's. I usually made it through 6 innings watching on TV and then fell asleep listening to Uecker and Cory on the radio of my alarm clock on sleep. And I still woke up every morning this week very tired and yawning my way through work at the office each day. Thank God the west coats trip is over, although in September the Brewers do head to Arizona, but those games are on a a weekend. Yeah!

As for the Fielder incident on Tuesday night, it was what it was. He was upset and let his emotions get the best of him. We have seen this before with the Manny Parra shove incident last season. Prince can be a very calm mild mannered guy, but every so often some clicks in his head and he kind of goes off the deep end. Almost a little scary, but I appreciate the passion and intensity. I'm just thankful he was not suspended any games for what he did, I thought for sure he would get at least one game. Especially since you don't hear about that kind of thing really ever happening. First time in my 27 years that I have heard of a player going to the other teams clubhouse in rage.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Reader Poll Results

"Which Brewers prospect will have the best MLB career?"

Mat Gamel: 14% (2 Votes)

Alcides Escobar: 57% (8 Votes)

Brett Lawrie: 28% (4 Votes)

Taylor Green: 0% (0 Votes)