Saturday, September 6, 2008

Your Dead To Me

I have been one of the biggest and most vocal supporters of Eric Gagne through his struggles this season. And the reason I had supported him was because A. I'm a fan, I have been a big fan of Gagne's for years B. Although he struggled he did have some very good outings. But after the Mets game earlier this week and then last nights outing in which he screwed up CC Sabathia's shot at a 10-0 record as a Brewer by giving up a HR ball to Brian Giles in the 8th inning to tie the game, I'm done with Eric Gagne. He is dead to me. If he didn't pitch another inning this season I would be more then okay with it.

The fact is, it is September. There are 21 games left and we are only 4 back of the Cubs and we have a 4 game lead on the Phillies for the Wild Card. We are very close to snapping a 26 year playoff draught. And with every game so important we can not continue to trout out a relief pitcher in the 8th inning of close games who has an ERA of 6.69, WHIP of 1.70 and an OBA of .289. Those awful stats have led to far to many blow ups in close games. I know we spent 10 mill on Gagne this season but it's time to cut our losses and only pitch him if the game is out of hand in either direction. Or we might suffer more losses that could cost us the postseason.

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