Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Brewers Offseason To-Do List

1. Extend GM Doug Melvin's contract.

2. Settle the Manager's job. I'm luke warm to Dale Sveum coming back. If Melvin and Attanasio feel there are no worthy candidates that have a proven track record, have had playoff success and can get the most out of this young team. Then you hire Sveum and remove the "interim" from his title. The players like to play for him and his no-nonsense tell it like it is attitude is quite welcome in my opinion. But I would not sign him to longer then a 2 year deal.

3. Try to sign CC Sabathia. I know it is a long shot, but at least make him a good offer that he has to think about.

4. See if you can upgrade 2B, 3B, Closer or CF via free agency or trade. I feel pretty good at every other position.

5. Do NOT trade JJ Hardy. He has improved every season he has played in the big league's and is not even entering his prime yet. He is only going to get better. If the Brewers feel Alcides Escobar is the future at SS try to get JJ to move to 3B where he would be just as good and then sign him to a nice contract to make him happy.

6. DO trade Prince Fielder. But only if it is for a top notch type pitcher assuming we don't re-sign Sabathia. If we do somehow sign CC then you keep Fielder. What do we do at 1B if Fielder is dealt? I have no idea. One possibility is to find a stop gap player or give Brad Nelson a chance to start while you groom 3B prospect Mat Gamel to become a 1B since many feel he won't stick at 3B anyway because of his high amount of throwing errors there.

7. Bring back Gabe Kapler. He was by far one of the best bench players in the entire league as a pinch hitter and a guy who can start once in a while give you quality AB's and play good defense at all three OF spot. A great veteran to have on a club.

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