Wednesday, January 6, 2010

That Was A Joke, Right? No It's Just Another Day For The BBWAA!

Andre Dawson makes the Hall of Fame, Bert Blyleven and Roberto Alomar do not. Come on BBWAA, you guys are making a complete joke of this voting. Dawson was the only player on the ballot to get at least 75% of the vote that is needed for induction. Blyleven who has had a battle cry from many baseball writers (mostly the SABR and stat guys) and fans was just 5 votes shy of induction, a lot of the idiot voters think he didn't have enough 20 win seasons or 300 wins and that is why he is not worthy. Interestingly enough, five of the douche bags of the BBWAA handed in blank ballots (one of those five was the biggest douche of all: Jay Mariotti). Give me a break. Alomar was close getting 73.7% of the vote which was the highest ever for a player on his first ballot for not getting in. Why do I get a feeling some of the idiots didn't vote for him because of the "spitting incident"?

While I would not vote for Dawson and don't consider him a HOFer, him getting in is not as big of a travesty as Blyleven once again getting denied and Alomar, one of the greatest 2B of all time not getting in. But a few voters did manage to vote for the likes of Ellis Burks, Eric Karros, Kevin Appier, Pat Hentgen and David Segui. Yes you read that correct, David Segui received one vote. Doesn't that alone taint this voting process and a group of the people who cast the votes? How does one vote for any of those players or hand in a blank ballot? I don't think I could ever understand. It will be fun though to read stuff from Keith Law, Rob Neyer, Joe Posnaski and Craig Calcaterra about this mockery/sham (shamockery!).

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