Wednesday, December 21, 2011

VFBC Podcast Episode 35 "Bill Castro Edition"

Breakdown of The Show:

Latest on Braun Drug Test Situation :00-21:00
ARam Signing/McGehee Trade 22:03-41:21
Winning Bid for Aoki 42:22-54:11
News & Notes 55:18- 1:10:14


Christopher said...

Aoki's name is not pronounced 'Ah-key'. It's pronounced 'Ah-oh-key'.

Brewer Gold and Blue said...

That's what I said, but for the sake of consistency we went with the pronunciation used on AM 540 because of precedent.

Garrett said...

You guys ought to take the high road and set a better precedent than AM 540's incorrect one. No point in being consistent with something that's wrong, right?

VFBC said...

Chris, thanks for the info. I had originally thought it was A-Oh-Key, but was told Ah-Key. Garrett, appreciate that you hold us in a high regard. Sorry we disappointed you. I thought they were right, turns out they were wrong. We will be right going forward. Thanks for listening.