Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Do You Hear That Noise Cubs(Fans)?

That would be the footsteps of the Milwaukee Brewers. The now 2nd place team in the NL Central and Wild Card leaders who happen to now be only 2 games back of the division lead.

This Brewers team is playing with more swagger and confidence then I have seen in a very long time. It seems once they got CC Sabathia this teams confidence shot through the roof.

We just swung a deal for Ray Durham who will be a nice veteran presence in the clubhouse as well as a switch hitter off the bench who can start at 2B a few times a week. He hist for average and carries a high OBP just what the Brewers need at the top.

I'm not sure how the whole Bush/McClung platoon in the starting rotation will work out but Seth looked good last night and Bush has been on fire his last five starts. We will see how Suppan pitches tonight but maybe HE should be the odd man out. But with the salary they pay him he ain't pitching out of the pen anytime soon.

Bill Hall is heating up, even against RHP. IT"S ABOUT TIME! I still want to see Branyan get a few starts a week against RHP though.

And hey, after last night's win in St. Louis and their first road sweep since 2004 the Brewers are only 1 game under .500 on the road this season. Simple amazing considering how they have played on the road since Yost took over as Manager in 2003.

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