Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Went To Bed To Early

Like many Brewers fans last night I turned in to bed early when the score was 7-2 vs the Pirates. As I lay in bed watching Conan with the wife I thought about how Ryan Braun had seemingly not hit a homerun since April (actually June 25th) and if he would ever get out of this slump and homerless draught. Well low and behold he finally hit #17 a 2-run shot to right, I missed that and seeing Smith nail Karstens and get some revenge for Braun. The highlight of that was Kendall pushing Karstens down the line telling him to either go to first or go toward the pitcher. It was perfect and totally Kendall's personality to do that. One huge bright spot from last night was the 4-4 with a walk that Felipe Lopez turned out in his Brewers debut. It just goes to show you that sometimes it is better to stay up and watch these games that are just about over, you never know what you might miss. My biggest hope is that Braun ending that homerless draught leads to one of his hot streak where he might hit a bunch.

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