Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ketih Law Chat 10/22/09

Keith Law is one of my absolute favorite baseball writers. He is very smart, informative and kind of funny in a snarky kind of way. I read as much of his stuff as I can, although without a ESPN Insider subscription that can be difficult. Keith does these chats and in his most recent there were a few Brewers related questions/answers. Check them out:

James (Kenosha,Wi)

What is your take on Jonathan Lucroy do you think he would be ready to take over the Brewers catcher spot by June?

(1:15 PM)

They've got an interesting dilemma with him and Salome. Neither one looks like a star; Lucroy is definitely a catcher, probably a 50 (solid average regular), while Salome has more bat potential but may not be able to catch. I'd probably let Salome start 2010 in the majors and send Lucroy to AAA. (By the way, how awful was that Trevor Hoffman extension? Extremely fluky HR rate gets you $8 million? 10% or more of the team's payroll for a one-inning closer, and not a good one? Wow.)

Russ (Balt Md)

Bret Lawrie question. Is he an impact bat in MLB? Ive heard he's playing 2B, is this Big News for his value, if true?How is he progressing? 2011 callup?

(1:18 PM)

He really has no position. Good bat, potentially a special bat, but he might end up in LF.

Ryan (madison,wi)

Who says no: Fielder for Kemp?

(1:35 PM)

Dodgers. With howls of derisive laughter.

He seems right on about Lucroy and Salome. I personally like Lucroy more. Think he will be better defensively and be fine offensively. As for his side note on Hoffman being a bad signing I couldn't disagree more. $8 mill for a proven closer who is coming off a fantastic year when you have no option around even close to as good, I don't see any issue with that. Maybe he doesn't remember what the Brewers went through with Gagne/Torres in 2008, you were never safe with a lead. With Hoffman I feel safe.

Brett Lawrie may very well end up in LF, with Braun moving to RF at some point. But for now I think the Brewers intend to keep him at 2B. He had some issues there, I went to a few Rattlers games this past season and he played really well in the game I saw. Turned two well and showed good range. When I hear the term "potentially special bat" with Lawrie it sure gets me excited for what this kid might turn out to be. He is only 19. A Fielder for Kemp trade? He says Dodgers would laugh at the Brewers. Why? Yes Kemp is a 5 tool talent, but Fielder is one of the top 5 hitters in all of the game. That would be a pretty even deal I think. But I don't think either team would do it at this point. It's a hypothetical deal. Not even a rumor to it.

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M said...

Keith Law doesn't read well. 2008 was the fluke not 2009 for Trevor's HF/F% rate.

Hoffman HR/F%
2006 8%
2007 2%
2008 14%
2009 4%