Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keith Law Chat 11/4/10

It's been quite awhile since I recapped any Brewers related questions/answers from a Keith Law chat on but today there were some pretty good ones so I figured I should. I always look forward to lunch break at work on Thursdays to read through Law's chats.

Ray (Home of the World Series Champs)

Is there anyway the Brewers would accept a deal of Jonathan Sanchez, Pablo Sandoval, Brandon Belt and Ryan Verdugo for Prince Fielder?

(1:06 PM)

I wanted to say no when I first saw this, just because it smells like a quantity-for-quality deal, but Belt is a legitimate prospect, an above-average 1b who could start by midyear if not sooner, and Sanchez is what the Brewers have been totally inept at developing for the last ten years. It's not really that crazy when you think about it.

Ryan (Milwaukee)

Lots of talk about Jeremey Jeffress this AFL season. Bottom line, should the Brewers try him in the rotation next year and where does his future probably lie?

(1:17 PM)

Reliever, for a variety of reasons. But a chance to be elite.

I have to say, if the Giants offered Doug Melvin those four players for Prince Fielder I would hope he would do it in a heart beat. I would almost do that trade for Sanchez and Belt straight up, but you throw in Sandoval and another prospect and I don't know how the Brewers could turn that deal down. I know Sanchez can be a bit wild, but he has great stuff and if he can improve his walk rate he could be very good.

I like many fans would love to see Jeremy Jeffress get a chance to start because of how badly the Brewers need good, young, hard throwing starting pitching. But I can see Law's point that with Jeffress' stuff and the fact that he has had more success when pitching out of the pen that he could be an elite closer. But I would still like to see the Brewers try him as a starter first.

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Tim said...

Its talk like this that makes me believe Prince will be anchoring first base come spring training.