Thursday, June 9, 2011

Everything Is Going Smooth, But.....

There are two roster moves I would like the Brewers to make. First and foremost is DFA Wil Nieves. I'm sorry but he brings no defining quality to this team other than catching Randy Wolf every 5th day. He is supposed to be a defensive catcher and he would have to be with how bad he is at the plate. The thing is, I have not seen this great defense he brings to the team, have you? It's not like he blocks every pitch in the dirt and throws out runners like Pudge Rodriguez in his prime. So why is he still on the team? He's on a march to batting under .100. It's time for Doug Melvin to pull the trigger and free George Kottaras, who in my opinion is not that big of a downgrade on defense from Nieves and clearly has a better bat and some power potential. With Kottaras on the roster I wouldn't mind seeing Lucroy get a few more days off that way he can stay fresh.

The second move is a temporary one but a no brainer. When the Brewers travel to American League parks in Boston and New York in a few weeks they should recall Mat Gamel from AAA to serve as a DH in those interleague games. Gamel as usual is tearing up AAA pitching and he would be a nice left handed power bat in the lineup. This way the Brewers get a better bat than Kotsay, Counsell, Gomez or Wilson during that stretch of games and Gamel can face big league pitching and get regular AB's while he is up. It's two minor moves, but moves that I think will make the club even better then they have been over the past month and a half. Do it Doug!


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