Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Week 2 Power Rankings

Biggest Move Up: Boston Red Sox

Biggest Move Down: Philadelphia Phillies

1. Atlanta Braves (6)

The Braves couldn’t be hotter. Justin Upton looks like a man on a mission, to prove anyone who wanted him out of Arizona wrong.

2. Cincinnati Reds (7)

Playing perhaps the toughest schedule in the first week, the Reds came away 5-2. The only weak spot on the team right now looks like Shin Soo Choo’s defense, but Choo’s offense might be one of their biggest bright spots.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers (4)

They dropped two to the Giants, but swept the Pirates. Clayton Kershaw looks like a lock for the CY Young. He is probably the only reason they are getting a boost this week.

4. Washington Nationals (2)

They swept Miami, which they should, but dropped two to Cincinnati. They still have one of the best rosters in the league and shouldn’t lose many seasons this year.

5. Texas Rangers (9)

From shutting down the Angels and now foe Josh Hamilton, to Yu’s near perfect game, it has been a great start to the year for the Rangers. They shouldn’t have lost to Houston, but if they continue to play like this, they shouldn’t have a problem getting back into the playoffs.

6. Los Angeles Angels (1)

It’s hard for me to drop the Angels far, but they haven’t showed much. The pitching has been poor. Now with Weaver out for a while, not sure they can compete if the others don’t pick up the slack.

7. Detroit Tigers (3)

Dropping two to the Twins and getting shutout by the Yankees is not a good start for the Tigers. They still have strong pitching and an even stronger offense, they just need it to come together. Especially the back end of the bullpen.

8. Arizona Diamondbacks (12)

They are leading the division and could win it if they keep performing. Not sure if part of their record was picking on an injury plagued Brewers team or they are actually this good.

9. San Francisco Giants (5)

The Giants need Buster Posey to start hitting. Good thing pitching is performing, and Hunter Pence.

10. Oakland Athletics (13)

There record is good, but the teams they have beaten aren’t. It’s a small jump, mostly because they’re tied for the division lead.

11. Chicago White Sox (19)

Could the Chicago’s team from the South Side surprise us even more than last year? One thing is for sure, they don’t miss AJ Pierzynski with how Tyler Flowers is hitting, yet.

12. Kansas City Royals (18)

The Royals had a great first week. They would be 11 if they didn’t lose a series to the White Sox.

13. Boston Red Sox (25)

Surprise team of the year so far. If Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz can continue to pitch the way they have been so far, the Red Sox will be back in the running to be division leaders.

14. Tampa Bay Rays (8)

A couple of losses to Baltimore helped put them behind to start the season. I still think they need Wil Myers to be a formidable team.

15. Colorado Rockies (24)

Some are comparing this team to the ’07 Rockies. I don’t think the pitching can hold up, but CarGo and Tulo will most likely continue hitting at their current pace, which won’t hurt.

16. New York Mets (27)

The Mets are playing way over their head. One thing they do have going for them that should stick throughout the season, Matt Harvey.

17. St. Louis Cardinals (11)

A couple losses to Arizona and a huge loss to Cincinnati have the Cards in an early hole. They need to get the back end of the bullpen figured out until Motte gets back. This will be one of Matheny’s biggest tests early in his managerial career.

18. Seattle Mariners (17)

The Mariners draw even at the end of the first week. Jack Zduriencik looks like a genius for bringing in Michael Morse and Kendry Morales.

19. Toronto Blue Jays (10)

The Blue Jays had a lot more potential. RA Dickey needs to get right. The offense shouldn’t be a problem.

20. Baltimore Orioles (14)

The power hitters are doing all of the work for this team. They only won last year because of the starting pitching and right now, the starting pitchers are not performing. No way can they repeat like this.

21. New York Yankees (21)

The offense is bad, the pitching staff is bad. The only top performer is Andy Petite. Robinson Cano isn’t even performing. I don’t really think they will be better when some of their injured players get back.

22. Cleveland Indians (22)

They defeated the two reigning CY Young award winners. Unfortunately, that might be the highlight of their season. A .500 week and they stay put.

23. Milwaukee Brewers (15)

Injuries and poor pitching, that’s the story for the Brewers. The pitchers will need to pick up the slack with key power hitters out. Also, Henderson had better be more reliable than Axford if they hope to compete.

24. Minnesota Twins (28)

The Twins have gotten off to a quick start, but they should cool off soon.

25. Pittsburgh Pirates (20)

Losing two to the Cubs is pretty bad. So is the rest of the team. I don’t even see a bright spot here.

26. Philadelphia Phillies (16)

Wow this team is bad, bad, bad. Roy Halladay is a shell of his former self, and Cole Hamels could not be getting off to a colder start. At least they have Cliff Lee?

27. Chicago Cubs (23)

The Cubs are facing pretty much every problem possible. The only thing they have going for them is Jeff Samradzija.

28. San Diego Padres (26)

Five losses already. One win against the Mets.

29. Miami Marlins (29)

They aren’t hitting, they aren’t pitching, even Giancarlo isn’t doing anything. The Marlines and Astros are fighting for the number one pick next year.

30. Houston Astros (30)

The Astros are a bad.


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