Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2013 Week 3 Power Rankings

Biggest Move Up: Oakland Athletics

Biggest Move Down: Cincinnati Reds

1. Atlanta Braves (1)

Winners of 10 of their last 10. Best record in the league. Current winner of best offseason move. Justin Upton could carry any team in the MLB right now.

2. Oakland Athletics (10)

The A’s are killing it on the road. They just need to pick up the slack at home. The most impressive part of their success? Cespedes and Reddick aren’t helping a bit.

3. Washington Nationals (4)

Sure they were swept by the Braves, but the Braves are invincible right now. The backend of the bullpen has had a few lapses, but once they get it figured out the losing should stop and the Nationals and Braves could have the best race for the division in years.

4. Detroit Tigers (7)

The bullpen continues to be a problem, but they still win. Once the Tigers figure out the backend of the pen, they should run away with the central.

5. Texas Rangers (5)

The Rangers have a strong record and very strong pitching. Brining Alexi Ogando back to the rotation is helping them have one of the best groups of starters in the AL.

6. Arizona Diamondbacks (8)

They have had a great start to the season but let’s see if they can keep it up without Aaron Hill.

7. San Francisco Giants (9)

They won 6 of 7 and then dropped the first game of the series to the Brewers. But even in that loss the Giants still almost won. Sergio Romo has been the bright spot for this Giants team.

8. Los Angeles Dodgers (3)

Losing Zack Greinke might be their biggest defeat in April. The rest of the rotation (besides Clayton Kershaw) will need to pick up the slack with Greinke out.

9. Cincinnati Reds (2)

Johnny Cueto is out for at least a few weeks. They dropped five games in a row. They should get back on the track with the Marlins and Cubs on deck.

10. Colorado Rockies (15)

Five wins in a row have helped erase being swept by the Giants early last week. If Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez can stay healthy, they might carry this team to the playoffs.

11. Boston Red Sox (13)

Where have the Red Sox come from? When they get David Ortiz back, they will be even more dangerous.

12. Los Angeles Angels (6)

I’m a little disappointed by the Angels. Josh Hamilton and Mike Trout are homerless and the only pitcher this team has is on the DL until May.

13. St. Louis Cardinals (17)

Swept the Reds, took the division lead, all while having closer issues. The Cardinals continue to be good for no good reason.

14. Kansas City Royals (12)

After sweeping the Twins they have dropped 3 of 4 to the Blue Jays and Braves. Now they sit under .500 and have fallen back in division after leading for a very short while.

15. Chicago White Sox (11)

All the home runs in the world won’t matter if no one is on base when you hit them.

16. New York Mets (16)

The Mets young players are starting to take shape. When this team gets everyone it needs up, and more consistent it will be very good, but that’s a few years away.

17. Baltimore Orioles (20)

After an early season slump they are starting to get things figured out. It especially helps that they are defeating division rivals.

18. Tampa Bay Rays (14)

Let me repeat what I’ve been saying all year. Until they bring up Wil Meyers, this lineup cannot regularly win.

19. Toronto Blue Jays (19)

They are starting to win now that the rotation is putting things together. The loss of Jose Reyes hurts a lot, but at least Brett Lawrie is back.

20. New York Yankees (21)

I guess you can win with a patchwork offense. I really thought the Yankees would be cellar dwellers all season. The offense is bad, the pitching staff is bad. The only top performer is Andy Pettitte. Robinson Cano isn’t even performing. I don’t really think they will be better when some of their injured players get back.

21. Seattle Mariners (18)

Losing two of three to the Astros is enough to move anyone down a few. Losing 5 of 7 doesn’t help either.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates (25)

They swept the Reds which is impressive, but this is still the same team that almost lost a series to the Cubs.

23. Minnesota Twins (24)

The move up is less because they are good and more because everyone else is worse.

24. Philadelphia Phillies (26)

Roy Halladay won a game! But it was against the Marlins… And Giancarlo Stanton was out.

25. Cleveland Indians (22)

Two postponed games against the Yankees might be the best thing that happened to the Indians in the past week.

26. Milwaukee Brewers (23)

A huge victory for the Brewers, they have won 2 games in a row. Maybe the fact that they have winning 2 games in a row is the highpoint for season is more than enough reason for them to be 26th. They also lost three in a row to division rivals. And Yovani Gallardo was arrested for an alleged OWI. Want me to go on?

27. Chicago Cubs (27)

They beat the Giants… And that’s basically it in the past week.

28. San Diego Padres (28)

The Padres lost 5 straight, but at least they have 2 wins against the Dodgers.

29. Houston Astros (30)

The fact that they have four wins is astounding, and really slowing down their quest for 100 losses.

30. Miami Marlins (29)

The battle for last place continues and the Marlins are beating the Astros by losing.


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