Thursday, April 25, 2013

2013 Week 4 Power Rankings

Biggest Move Up: Milwaukee Brewers

Biggest Move Down: Chicago White Sox

1. Atlanta Braves (1)

Even after losing a few games to the Pirates and losing Jason Heyward to an emergency appendectomy, this is still one of the hottest teams in the league and show no signs of slowing down.

2. Boston Red Sox (11)

Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz could carry this team all the way through the season. This is what we expected out of these two when they arrived on the scene and both threw no hitters early in their carriers. Getting Big Papi back didn’t hurt.

3. Colorado Rockies (10)

This team is hot and surprising. The pitching probably can’t hold up much longer, but Carlos Gonzalez and Tulo’s bats can make the team much better than people thought they would be in March.

4. Texas Rangers (5)

Their pitching is performing extremely well and the hitting is as good as it was last year, even with the big losses over the offseason.

5. San Francisco Giants (7)

After being swept by the Brewers the Giants went on a role. They have lost one game since and climbed back to the top. Their starters are finally starting to pitch like we know they can and the bullpen continues to hold things down late.

6. St. Louis Cardinals (15)

Proof that they have been playing well is the fact that the Brewers are winning almost every game they have played, but are still behind the Cards. And St. Louis has been playing some tough opponents.

7. Cincinnati Reds (9)

The Reds are taking advantage of some bad competition but they still bumped way up from their .500 mark

8. Arizona Diamondbacks (6)

They had a rough week, but are losing to some very hot teams. They are still strong and better than most predicted.

9. Oakland Athletics (2)

After a very hot first couple of weeks, they are losing to talent that isn’t as good as they are, but even after losing this week, they are still in first with a good record.

10. Washington Nationals (3)

The Nationals have to be one of the biggest disappointments in the first month. They are better than they are playing which is why it is very hard for me to bring them down very far and Bryce Harper is playing at an MVP level.

11. Milwaukee Brewers (26)

It takes a lot to make me move a team this high, and the Brewers gave me a lot. Nine straight games, pitchers throwing gems and timely hitting has brought the Brewers back in April.

12. Kansas City Royals (14)

The Royals beat some of the top teams in these Power Rankings over the past week. If they want to keep it up, the bats need to pick up.

13. Detroit Tigers (4)

On a four game losing streak and lost a series to the reeling Angels. The Tigers should be fine overall but had a bad week.

14. Baltimore Orioles (17)

These are the O’s we saw last year! They are winning some very close games and climbing in the division. If they keep it going they will shock everyone for the second year in a row.

15. New York Yankees (20)

Still winning series with almost no one left on the team. If CC can’t correct his issues this team will fall off the map at some point.

16. Los Angeles Dodgers (8)

They might as well be last after being swept by Padres. This is just the latest example about how combining the best players won’t always give you the best team.

17. Pittsburgh Pirates (22)

Taking 2 of 3 from the Braves is a big step for this team. They are still too hot and cold to have any confidence in their recent success.

18. New York Mets (16)

The Mets are starting to fall into place. Swept by the red hot Rockies, lost a few to the Nats and now losing to the Dodgers. No one expected the Mets to do much, but the young talent is still fun to watch.

19. Cleveland Indians (25)

They took advantage of the Astros, but they still aren’t playing well. They are just better than the worst of the league right now.

20. Minnesota Twins (23)

I think they are taking advantage of unexpected off days and pulling together wins, but still not doing well enough.

21. Los Angeles Angels (12)

I know they swept the Tigers, but they aren’t performing that well. Weaver needs to come back. Thankfully Garrett Richards is helping the rotation.

22. Tampa Bay Rays (18)

They had a good week but their record keeps them in the cellar.

23. Toronto Blue Jays (19)

Welcome the 2012 Miami Marlines, round two.

24. Chicago White Sox

They are losing too many games to bad teams. They need to beat the bad ones and at least spilt games with the good to keep up in the Central.

25. Philadelphia Phillies (24)

I can’t believe this is almost the same roster that went to two World Series. The pitching staff just can’t hold up their end of the deal and Ryan Howard needs to find his power swing.

26. Seattle Mariners (21)

They only won two games over the last week, and lost a series to the Astros. If Michael Morse recovers from his injury and gets his home run swing back this team can start winning again.

27. Chicago Cubs (27)

The Cubs stay put, but not even Dale Sveum wants to be a fan of the Cubs right now.

28. Houston Astros (29)

They won a series! That might be a highpoint for them!

29. San Diego Padres (28)

They are bad! I can’t believe they swept the Dodgers! And that account for over half their wins!

30. Miami Marlins (30)

Their only player isn’t even performing. Did they just hire this team off the street?


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