Saturday, June 7, 2008

Colorado Is The New Pittsburgh

Remember when the Brewers would go into PNC Park and play the Pirates and always lose? Well Coors Field in Colorado is fastly becoming the new Pittsburgh. Going back to 2006 the Brewers have lost 6 straight in that park as they lost tonight 7-2. This game was over in the bottom of the 1st when after getting 2 outs very quickly Dave Bush blew up giving up in order: double, walk, walk, HR (grand slam). That made it 4-0 and then he gave up a solo HR and it was 5-0 after the 1st finally ended. The Brewers "battled" back to score 2 in the 2nd which gave a small ray of hope. They had other chances to chip away at that lead but did nothing with those chances which is pretty much par for the course on the road for the Brewers. I just don't know anymore, this team just can't win on the road. And I have no clue why? I mean it's gone on for years now. Is sleeping in your own bed that important? I mean who doesn't love the comfort and feel of their own bed? I sure as hell do, but I don't think it would cause me to pitch worse or hit worse then I would at my home park. In all seriousness this team can play with anybody at Miller Park but, if they don't start winning more games on the road they will never make it to October baseball. The Cubs lost again today which means two days in a row they had chance to gain ground and they flat out didn't get it done. I'm so frustrated right now as a fan(atic) of this team that I could scream. Worst of all is that Jeff Francis, the Rockies best pitcher goes for them tomorrow. If we couldn't beat the two bums they threw the first two games how are we gonna beat their ace?

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