Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Age Of McClung Rolls On

I'm slowly developing a man crush on Seth McClung. The 6'6" 250 lbs red head is slowly showing that if he doesn't walk guys, he can be a very effective starting pitcher. After that very good start in Washington McClung had a bad outing against Atlanta in Miller Park where in 4.2 innings he gave up 6 earned runs and walked 6. But Seth came back on Tuesday night and was even better then he was in his start in Washington. In 6 innings McClung gave up only 1 earned run struck out 4 and walked none, the second time in a start he didn't walk a batter. So the key for McClung to be effective is to throw strikes and avoid giving up free passes. He has the stuff a mid to high 90's fastball with a good curve and a decent change. The key is being able to throw the curve or change over for a first pitch strike, as long as he can keep doing that McClung will indeed be the answer to our #5 starting pitching woes. Seth took the place of Carlos Villanueva in the rotation and Villanueva has been great going back to the bullpen a position he seems to thrive in because he can be a long guy, middle guy or setup guy. So thus far it is working for both pitchers essentially switching spots. The thing I like about McClung besides the fact that he has been good as a starter so far is he seems to me like he has a real presence on the mound and even a little intimidating to opposing batters. Also how can you not like the fact that dude got 2 hits against a future HOF in Randy Johnson. Right now the rotation seems set as Sheets is dominating, Bush and McClung are looking respectable, Suppan is well Suppan eating up innings and Parra is really starting to show all that promise of being a stud lefty.

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