Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lots Of Tidbits Including Hall Wanting Out

It has been awhile since my last post. Right after we took 2 of 3 from Atlanta I made a post and was pretty happy with that series. Well since then the Brewers swept the Houston Astros and won the first game of their series against the Arizona Diamondbacks and have a 4 game win streak going. Not to mention 8 out of their last 10 and now have a record above .500 at 30-28. But we can't gain any ground on the freaking Cubs because they just keep winning game after game. It might be time to start focusing on the Wild Card instead of the NL Central pennant.

In that three game series with Houston the Brewers held a very good hitting Astros lineup to 3 runs in the entire series! That is insane, considering the players Houston has on offense: Berkman, Tejada, Lee, Pence, etc.

I was at the beat down game Sunday proudly wearing my Braun t-shirt when he crushed the Astros 10-1. It was Ryan Braun bobblehead day and Braun basically pissed on the "bobblehead day curse" and hit a nice opposite field 2-run HR.

So far the call-up of Russell Branyan from AAA Nashville to platoon with Bill Hall at 3B has worked great! Not only has Branyan been very good defensively at 3B but in true Russell "The Muscle" fashion he is crushing ball while walking a lot and striking out a lot. In 7 games this season Branyan is batting .292, 3 HR, 4 RBI an OBP of .433 SLG .750 which is a OPS of 1.183. It's only 7 games, but those are very nice numbers.

And speaking of the other half of that 3B platoon. It appears Bill Hall is not happy about the situation and his agent has asked for a trade for Bill. Terry Bross who represents Hall said it would be best for his client and the team that he be traded instead of put into this platoon role. You know, I like Bill Hall but if he wants to go I think I'm fine with it. He probably isn't an everyday player like the Brewers thought when he had a good 2005 and a great 2006 season. He was maybe just playing out of his head and that got him the nice contract. He just can't hit RHP and that is not good. So if Hall packaged with prospect(s) that are not named Matt Gamel or Matt LaPorta could bring us a nice #2 or #3 type starting pitcher like for instance: Zack Greinkie, Javier Vasquez, Greg Maddux or Randy Wolf. That by all means trade him. Because I think a platoon of Branyan/Dillon would be fine and any one of those pitchers I mentioned could be huge for our staff.

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