Monday, August 9, 2010

The Brewers Finally Make A Trade!

Not a blockbuster by any stretch of the imagination but the Crew sent "Grandpa" Jim Edmonds to the Reds for 28 year old OF Chris Dickerson. Not a real big deal get you excited type of trade, but a good trade non the less. Edmonds was not going to be back next year as he will most likely retire or would not have been resigned. So the Brewers flipped him for a left handed hitter in Dickerson who can play all three OF positions well and the corners above average, also under team control for the next 4 seasons. That was the key part of the deal. With Braun, Cain and Hart more than likely entrenched as the OF, Dickerson will not be a starter but should be a very solid and cheap 4th OF for the next few years. In parts of 3 seasons with the Reds, Dickerson has a line of .274/.367/.421. Not to shabby and I like him more than Jody Gerut.

Now let's hope that Doug Melvin can also flip Counsell or even Hoffman for players that could help in the future for the Brewers.