Monday, August 2, 2010

I Did Not See That Coming

I was pretty shocked when sitting at work today in my cubicle I got an email from that simply read:

"Corey Hart and Brewers agree to contract extension"

Really? Corey Hart? The guy myself and many other Brewers fans speculated for a few months now would be traded this season because his value was high and the Brewers had no shot to extend him before he hit free agency? Yes, that Corey Hart. I was fine and on board with trading Hart if the Brewers could bring back a good, young, big league ready pitcher for their rotation. But that never happened, and I am glad Doug Melvin did not settle for anything. Hart wanted to stay here and he got his wish and was rewarded for a stellar 2010 so far (.288/.346/.565 23 HR 72 RBI) and a 2nd All-Star appearance with a 3 year $26.5 mill deal.

I like the deal. It's only 3 years and it's not to high of a price for a productive corner OF. With Fielder all but gone after this season, it would have been tough to replace both he and Hart's offensive output. Now they will only have to replace Fielder. And they are already getting prepared for that by giving Mat Gamel some starts at 1B down in AAA. Good move for Hart and a good move for the Brewers.

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