Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Manny Being Manny, Again

I'm getting quite tired of "Manny being Manny". Parra of course, not Ramirez. Today Parra was typical Parra. He was fantastic for 5 innings and ended the game with 8 K's. Pounding the zone throwing strikes and looking like the pitcher we all know he could be. But then as per usual, the 6th inning rolls around and Parra loses it. And as usual, he was THIS close. Had a couple of hitters down 0-2 and was unable to put them away, and since he seems to do this on a very regular basis it still has me wondering if he knows what he is doing on that mound at all times. I truly believe he mentally falls apart when the going gets tough. When it was all said and done Parra did not make it out of the 6th and was tagged for 6 earned runs. With today's loss he is now 3-9 on the year with a 5.67 ERA and a 1.67 WHIP.

I'm really not sure how much more Parra I can take. At some point when does "potential" become "failure" when a player never reaches that "potential"? How much longer can the Brewers give Parra a legit chance to be part of this teams present and future? I don't know the answers but I hope we find them soon. It's only this frustrating because we can all see how good Manny could be. But will he ever let himself be that good? That is the question. During the post game show today Jerry Augustine said something that made sense to me. There really is nothing more Peterson or Macha can say to Manny, he has to do it himself reach down and just get it done. Augie is right.