Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Starting The Dave Martinez For Brewers Manager Bandwagon

Okay, I know I wrote yesterday that I did not have a front runner or opinion on who the Brewers should hire as their 18th Manager in franchise history. After having a day to think about it, I have changed my mind. I am all in on current Tampa Bay Rays bench coach Dave Martinez. I like Dave for a few different reasons. He has been the Rays bench coach for four seasons now under Joe Maddon. To me Maddon is one of the very best Manager's in baseball. He makes good in-game decisions, is great with his players and dealing with the clubhouse. I would think and hope some of that has worn off on Dave. Martinez is also young, he is only 46 and he played the game as recently as 2001. I think a young manager is exactly what this current Brewers team needs. He also seems to get quite a bit of praise from people around the game, at least that is the impression I get when I have watched Rays games on TV. So when I got to thinking about my selection of backing Dave Martinez I went to the source on all things Tampa Bay Rays. Jonah Keri, here is an email exchange I had with Jonah earlier today.


Jonah, with Macha now officially gone as Brewers manager myself and many other Brewers fans have been speculating who they might hire or at least interview for the job. Someone I have not seen anyone bring up (besides myself of course) is Rays bench coach Dave Martinez. Since you are my #1 source on all things Rays, what do you think/know about Dave?
I know he has been bench coach for 4 seasons under Joe Maddon. That alone has me very interested in Dave because Maddon is one of the best managers in the game and seems to get the most out of his players and does a good job of keeping things good in the clubhouse. I would think some of this has rubbed off on Dave.


Martinez comes with a fine reputation. Players' manager, smart guy - not sure if he'd be as receptive to analytical input as Maddon, but I imagine some of it must rub off.

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