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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everyone Gets A Second Chance

Today, that was once again proved correct. Ned Yost was named Manager of the Kansas City Royals. While I often didn't agree with Yost's managerial moves, I always appreciated his fire. Royals fans should expect plenty of scenes like the one above. And judging by how bad their team is, Yost will get run from plenty of games.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yost, Is Officially Toast

Today a little after 2pm, the Milwaukee Brewers announced the firing of Manager Ned Yost. After a 3-11 start to September and just getting swept in 4 games by the Phillies who are now tied with the Brewers for the Wild Card, GM Doug Melvin and mainly Owner Mark Attanasio have seen enough. Yost has been fired and 3B coach Dale Sveum has been named interim Manager for the final 12 games of the season. Also Ted Simmons was reassigned to an "advisory" role from being the bench coach and Sveum names his own bench coach.....Brewers Hall of Famer and Sveum's best friend Robin Yount. With Sveum becoming Manager minor league instructor Garth Iorg who was up with the big club since September 1st will become the 3B coach.

I have to say I was shocked when I heard the news. I was sitting in my cubicle at work listening to 620 WTMJ as I do just about everyday. I was sending an email to a customer when I heard: "Breaking news, the Brewers have just fired Manager Ned Yost." I couldn't believe what I heard, I thought is it a joke? With 12 games left and in a tie for the Wild Card they are firing Yost? I mean I expected him to be fired if we missed the playoffs after another collapse. But with 12 games left?

Well I LOVE the move. It seems Yost had lost the players since September started and with us basically in a 12 game playoff to get to October baseball for the first time in 26 years a move of desperation was made and I am fine with it. All signs point to the players have a huge amount of respect for Dale Sveum and with him and Robin Yount calling the shots for the final 12 games to get us into the playoffs, well I like our chances. Let's do this! It starts tomorrow in Chicago against the Cubs with CC Sabathia on the mound.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Think Smoke Came Out Of My Ears Last Night

Talk about letting one get away? What an awful way to lose a game you should have won. I don't want to get to much into it because it will only make me mad. But I just want to say: Ned Yost, your an idiot sir. Pulling Villanueva after a 10 pitch inning for Mota, just plain stupid. Thanks for costing us a 7th straight win, win #7 for Sheets and moving a game closer to the Cubs and Cardinals who both loss. Mota your not off the hook either, even though you should have never been out there, you still didn't even record a freaking out! Pathetic! I just hope to God we can bounce back tonight with Dave Bush going.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brewers Now 3-6 On This Ten Game Road Trip

After a 7-6 loss today to the Nationals after Guillermo Mota threw a wild pitch in the 9th that let the winning run come home from 3B the Brewers have fallen to 3-6 on this current road trip. The Brewers did battle back from a 6-0 deficit to make it 6-6 in the 6th. But they were unable to score again. We do send Ben Sheets to the mound tomorrow in the series finale in Washington, so I guess we have a chance to make it a 4-6 road trip. My question is win or lose tomorrow, is Ned Yost finally gone? What is really the difference between 4-6 and 3-7 on this trip. Both marks are awful, but will it finally be enough for Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin to put their heads together and pull the trigger on Yost? We in Brewers Nation can only hope that when we return to Miller Park Tuesday to start a long home stand and series against the Braves that a different Manager is in the dugout. My vote is still for Frank Krembals, but I would be okay with Ted Simmons or Dale Sveum at this point. Oh and maybe a silver lining in todays game was Russell Branyan went 2-3 with a single, double and a walk. Looked great at the plate and played solid D at 3B.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

JJ Hardy Wins "Error of the Year" Award By Landslide

Last night I missed the first 5 innings of the Brewers @ Nationals game since I was watching a movie with my fiancee. We watched "Martian Child", which is a great movie by the way. One of those cute dramady type films. Anyway the movie finished and I tuned in to see the Crew tied 1-1 with the Nats. Then everything pretty much went down hill, I was just in time to see the Brewers get 1 out on the bottom of the 6th and with a man at first and Christian Guzman at the plate he hit perhaps the easiest ground ball to the SS (Hardy) for a tailor made field ball step on 2nd and throw to 1st, BOOM DP inning over. Well it didn't happen that way. Hardy instead of fielding the ball, booted it like he was trying to outdo Prince Fielder for biggest, bone headed, awful error of the season. And as we all know Fielder has had many of those thus far. And boy did Hardy outdo Prince, after that error the Brewer went on to give up 4 runs in the inning and that was all she wrote as the Nats won 5-1 on only 3 base hits. Yes you read that right, the Nats got 5 runs on 3 hits. JJ, even though Prince has had many bad errors this season that have made me want to pull the hair right out of my skull you sir have won the award for that performance. And perhaps the saddest thing is your supposed to be a good fielder. We can only hope we win 3 straight to finish this God awful 10 game road trip at 5-5. But if not, maybe there is a better chance Ned Yost is fired before we start a home stand Tuesday.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Even Jumps In On The Yost Bashing, Kind Of EDIT: Fox Sports Now Also Joins In

Well they are not bashing Yost, but John Donovan did write an article on that was posted today about how we (the fans, not all but some fans) love to hate Yost and live to bash him. It's a good read and very true. He does bring up a good point though that it is not just Yost who we have been upset with but others such as Weeks, Gagne, Hall, and Melvin. You can read the article here.

You can view a similar article from Dayn Perry at here.

When the national media is also picking up on many of us in Brewers Nation's distaste for the Manager and also question if he should be canned you know Yost is really on the hot seat. I guess it only matters though if Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin feel that way.

Funny Isn't It?

As I made my last post on Monday I bitched about how Yost should shake up the lineup a bit to try to get something going offensively and I gave my suggestion. Guess I should bite my tongue because Ned's lineup has worked the last two games. Granted they were against the Pittsburgh Pirates who are terrible but still they are starting to swing the bats (and it's not just Braun and Hart!) Monday night they scored 7 runs and last night they scored well only 4 but had key hits with 2 outs and runners in scoring position to score some of those runs, which is something they just were not doing. Also Weeks and Cameron at the top have gotten on base in this series. They have a chance to sweep the Pirates tonight as they get ready to head to Washington for a 4 game series with the Nationals. While I still think Yost should be canned, I will never root for the Brewers to lose games just so that will finally happen. If they can continue to win despite their awful Manager then so be it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

How About A Lineup Change?

Well still no word yet of Yost getting fired today, but the day is not over so we can only hope. But I was thinking about how we could shuffle the lineup a bit to try something new and maybe get some of these guys hitting that are not hitting. Here is what I came up with:

1. Jason Kendall- C
2. JJ Hardy- SS
3. Ryan Braun- LF
4. Prince Fielder- 1B
5. Corey Hart- RF
6. Mike Cameron- CF
7. Bill Hall- 3B
8. Rickie Weeks- 2B
9. Pitcher

Let me explain, Weeks and Cameron need to be removed from the 1st and 2nd spots in the lineup. Neither has a very good OBP and they both K a lot. I put Kendall 1st because he has a good OBP, has batted leadoff before and he actually has pretty good speed for a catcher. I put JJ 2nd because he has started to hit a little better lately and has had his best success in his career while batting in the 2 hole. So with Kendall at 1 you move the pitcher back to the 9 spot and you place Cameron 6th since he does have some pop and can drive guys in and put Weeks 8th although you could put him 7th and Hall 8th either or. I say they give this a shot, with Kendall and Hardy 1-2 I think Braun and Fielder will have an opportunity to bat more with guys on for RBI opportunities. Because lets face it with Weeks and Cameron at the top you have two guys batting in front of Braun and Fielder that are not hitting over .200.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ned Yost Needs To Be FIRED!

I'm gonna make this quick. The Brewers lost again today in Boston 11-7. They got swept in the series and have now lost 5 games in a row and 9 games in a row on the road (swept by Houston, Florida and now Boston). It has never been more clear that this team as talented as they are will not win with Ned Yost as Manager. They are now 20-24 and in sole possession of last place in the NL Central and 7 games back of 1st place Chicago. It is time for Mark Attanasio and Doug Melvin to pull the plug on Ned Yost. I know it isn't all is fault he can't go out there and throw the pitches and swing the bats, but he needs to be a motivator and put his players in a position to succeed and he has not done that. You can't fire all the players so someone becomes the scape goat and it has to be Yost. In 6 years this team is still making bad errors and stupid mental mistakes left and right. They need someone who can change that. My hope is that Attanasio and Melvin are having this discussion and soon promote AAA Nashville Manager Frank Kremblas to interim Manager and see what he can do with a team full of players he has already managed in AAA to championships. I think this could happen as soon as tomorrow or as late as after this road trip finishes up in Washington.

Monday, May 12, 2008

How The Hell Can Ned Yost Not Know The Name "Scott Norwood" Or The Play Pictured Below?

Yesterday before the Brewers game against St. Louis Ned Yost sat in the dugout and took questions from reporters like he would any other game day. He was discussing the the pressure and how difficult it can be to be a closer in baseball. During this conversation one of the reporters said it was similar to being a kicker in football with the game on the line. This prompted the name Scott Norwood to be brought up. Of course he was the Buffalo Bills kicker who missed a field goal wide right in the final seconds of Super Bowl 25 that would have won the game for the Bills. Now this was probably the most famous field goal miss in the history of the NFL, I would think even a very casual sports fan could recall the kick and Norwood's name. Not Mr. Yost, he said he never heard of Norwood nor did he read about it in the newspapers because he doesn't read newspapers only books. My question is how in the hell has Yost never seen this footage on his television at any point during the past oh I don't know 17 years! It boggles my mind that the Manager of a professional sports team would have never, ever heard about that play. I guess Yost really wants to prove his point he doesn't read, watch or listen to anything media related to sports so he can't here people bashing him constantly.