Thursday, May 22, 2008

Funny Isn't It?

As I made my last post on Monday I bitched about how Yost should shake up the lineup a bit to try to get something going offensively and I gave my suggestion. Guess I should bite my tongue because Ned's lineup has worked the last two games. Granted they were against the Pittsburgh Pirates who are terrible but still they are starting to swing the bats (and it's not just Braun and Hart!) Monday night they scored 7 runs and last night they scored well only 4 but had key hits with 2 outs and runners in scoring position to score some of those runs, which is something they just were not doing. Also Weeks and Cameron at the top have gotten on base in this series. They have a chance to sweep the Pirates tonight as they get ready to head to Washington for a 4 game series with the Nationals. While I still think Yost should be canned, I will never root for the Brewers to lose games just so that will finally happen. If they can continue to win despite their awful Manager then so be it.

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