Monday, May 19, 2008

How About A Lineup Change?

Well still no word yet of Yost getting fired today, but the day is not over so we can only hope. But I was thinking about how we could shuffle the lineup a bit to try something new and maybe get some of these guys hitting that are not hitting. Here is what I came up with:

1. Jason Kendall- C
2. JJ Hardy- SS
3. Ryan Braun- LF
4. Prince Fielder- 1B
5. Corey Hart- RF
6. Mike Cameron- CF
7. Bill Hall- 3B
8. Rickie Weeks- 2B
9. Pitcher

Let me explain, Weeks and Cameron need to be removed from the 1st and 2nd spots in the lineup. Neither has a very good OBP and they both K a lot. I put Kendall 1st because he has a good OBP, has batted leadoff before and he actually has pretty good speed for a catcher. I put JJ 2nd because he has started to hit a little better lately and has had his best success in his career while batting in the 2 hole. So with Kendall at 1 you move the pitcher back to the 9 spot and you place Cameron 6th since he does have some pop and can drive guys in and put Weeks 8th although you could put him 7th and Hall 8th either or. I say they give this a shot, with Kendall and Hardy 1-2 I think Braun and Fielder will have an opportunity to bat more with guys on for RBI opportunities. Because lets face it with Weeks and Cameron at the top you have two guys batting in front of Braun and Fielder that are not hitting over .200.

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Steve said...

I love this line-up... except for maybe putting Hart 1st. I like him more batting 5th to be honest, but having speed on the bases is nice, too, and Kendall/Hardy aren't speedy. They aren't Estrada either. Because of Hart's success at the 5 spot, though, Kendall works at leadoff. Technically, according to Yost, he is the "second leadoff hitter" right now anyway with the stupid pitcher batting 8th garbage. I like having that changed back, too. Kendall isn't a big league number 1 hitter by any means, but he may be the best the Brewers have to offer for now. I, for one, would be all for swapping speed for simply having guys on base for Braun, Fielder & Hart. JJ is a fastball hitter, and he thrives in the 2 spot with this lineup, because they don't want to throw him too much slop and load up for Braun/Fielder/Hart... so it works. Then having some HR potential out of Cameron and Hall later on is good... Cameron would be best 6th because he can calm down and maybe improve his OBP there as well. Weeks isn't done either, but he could use some time down at the bottom of the lineup and maybe thrive. If he did, he could work his way up to the 6th spot ahead of Cameron, and maybe have a 2nd lineup within the lineup for a while of Weeks, Cameron and then Hall. If he continues to thrive he could earn his leadoff spot back, but the change needs to be made for a while... and note to Yost: Shaking up the lineup, just as with pitchers, SHOULD mean for more than 1 game!