Saturday, May 24, 2008

JJ Hardy Wins "Error of the Year" Award By Landslide

Last night I missed the first 5 innings of the Brewers @ Nationals game since I was watching a movie with my fiancee. We watched "Martian Child", which is a great movie by the way. One of those cute dramady type films. Anyway the movie finished and I tuned in to see the Crew tied 1-1 with the Nats. Then everything pretty much went down hill, I was just in time to see the Brewers get 1 out on the bottom of the 6th and with a man at first and Christian Guzman at the plate he hit perhaps the easiest ground ball to the SS (Hardy) for a tailor made field ball step on 2nd and throw to 1st, BOOM DP inning over. Well it didn't happen that way. Hardy instead of fielding the ball, booted it like he was trying to outdo Prince Fielder for biggest, bone headed, awful error of the season. And as we all know Fielder has had many of those thus far. And boy did Hardy outdo Prince, after that error the Brewer went on to give up 4 runs in the inning and that was all she wrote as the Nats won 5-1 on only 3 base hits. Yes you read that right, the Nats got 5 runs on 3 hits. JJ, even though Prince has had many bad errors this season that have made me want to pull the hair right out of my skull you sir have won the award for that performance. And perhaps the saddest thing is your supposed to be a good fielder. We can only hope we win 3 straight to finish this God awful 10 game road trip at 5-5. But if not, maybe there is a better chance Ned Yost is fired before we start a home stand Tuesday.

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