Monday, May 12, 2008

How The Hell Can Ned Yost Not Know The Name "Scott Norwood" Or The Play Pictured Below?

Yesterday before the Brewers game against St. Louis Ned Yost sat in the dugout and took questions from reporters like he would any other game day. He was discussing the the pressure and how difficult it can be to be a closer in baseball. During this conversation one of the reporters said it was similar to being a kicker in football with the game on the line. This prompted the name Scott Norwood to be brought up. Of course he was the Buffalo Bills kicker who missed a field goal wide right in the final seconds of Super Bowl 25 that would have won the game for the Bills. Now this was probably the most famous field goal miss in the history of the NFL, I would think even a very casual sports fan could recall the kick and Norwood's name. Not Mr. Yost, he said he never heard of Norwood nor did he read about it in the newspapers because he doesn't read newspapers only books. My question is how in the hell has Yost never seen this footage on his television at any point during the past oh I don't know 17 years! It boggles my mind that the Manager of a professional sports team would have never, ever heard about that play. I guess Yost really wants to prove his point he doesn't read, watch or listen to anything media related to sports so he can't here people bashing him constantly.

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