Saturday, December 6, 2008

Brewers Sign Bullpen Help

I know this happened a few days ago but I have been sick the past few days and I have not been able to get on my MacBook, hell I didn't even get to see this weeks episode of "The Office" till this morning. The Brewers signed relief pitcher Jorge Julio to a 1-year contract worth $950,000. Julio is 29 years old has a plus fastball and a slider. Last year he spent time with Cleveland and Atlanta. Julio spent his first 5 years in the big leagues with Baltimore where he was actually a decent closer. 25 saves in 02', 36 in 03' and 22 in 04'. Since his last season in Baltimore which was 05' he has kind of bounced around. From what I can tell and have heard about Julio is that he strikes a lot of guys out but he at times has control issues and gives up the long ball. GM Doug Melvin has a history of bringing in guys like Jorge Julio, guys with plus arms who have struggled and then find away to turn it around in Milwaukee (see: Turnbow, Derrick, McClung, Seth and Kolb, Dan). At 1 year $950,000 Julio is totally worth the risk and if the Brewers do not trade for or sign a free agent closer Julio could find himself in a spring training battle for that spot. It is not an impact signing by any means, but who knows if Julio finds his early Orioles days it could be.

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