Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rumor Mill: Jake Peavy To Brewers For Alcides Escobar and ????

Big rumor floating around the Internet tonight. With Jake Peavy trade talks to Chicago or Atlanta dead, the Brewers have swooped in (allegedly). Looks like the Crew would send super prospect SS Alcides Escobar to the Padres along with another player or two in exchange for former Cy Young winner and ace Jake Peavy. Wow, this would be huge. A rotation with Peavy and Gallardo at the top of it excites me to great heights. Trading Escobar away would also put any JJ Hardy position change or trade rumors to rest as well as make giving Hardy a contract extension a must. Hopefully more info on this possible deal comes out soon.


Anonymous said...

What's the source of this rumor?

Anonymous said...


Alcides Escobar is my husband puts tears in my eyes how someone with so much future could be so irresponsible. You have no idea what he has done to me and his daughter. Most of the time fans only see the players as an idol but they never see what they really are as people. I've always believed that being a great prospect or great player not only involves doing good in the field but also doing good to others in life specially to their own flesh and blood in this case our daughter Gabriela who is only one month old. I hope you don't think that the reason why I'm writting you is to get any type of fame because honestly that's far from what I want. My father is a former major leaguer I was raised in baseball and if I wanted fame I could have had plenty of it through him and never have. The only reason for my email is because I want everyone who is an Alcides Escobar fan to know the truth behind the person they see on the field. Everyone deserves to have a good role model in their lives and after everything Alcides has done to me his wife, his daughter and his mother and father I don't believe he can be anyones role model. If you read below you'll understand a little better what I mean.

Alcides and I got married last year in Huntsville and we found out I was pregnant soon after. Our life was full of hope and he did great that season so well that he got called up from double A to the major leagues. After the season was done he went to venezuela and I came to Panama to have our daughter because my family lives here, this is when my worst nightmare started. I couldnt go to venezuela due to the problems that VNZL has with the US and I'm a US citizen. He abandonded me since october 7th. He was suppose to come and spend Christmas with me and never did, he was suppose to spend New Years with me and never did either. He only called to emotionally insult me and tell me that I was fat and ugly and that he had found someone better, all this while I was pregnat with our daughter. He later told me that the only reason why he married me was to get his green card. He would constantly call and send text messages insulting me and telling me that the baby wasn't his which he knows is a complete lie and a DNA test will be there to prove it, he would call me and put his mistress on the phone to insult me. She is a prostitute in Venezuela who has slept with almost the entire country to say the least and all she has always wanted was money. She has a son who she abandoned and last I know now she is pregnant with Alcides child. It's been so hard for me to find out while pregnant all this things and that I married a monster. Alcides got kicked off his team in Venezuela Cardenales due to bad conduct. Everyone believes that the little time he spent in the majors made his head swell to the max.Nobody respects him in Venezuela or in the Brewers organization because everyone knows what's going on.His own mother and father and brothers and sisters want nothing to do with him to the point that they kicked him out of his house. He had a car accident in Venezuela in December where he totalled the car he was driving so to this day nobody knows what he will or will not achieve this upcoming year due to the fact that he has many loose screws as you can see.

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Leury Escobar Moreno