Saturday, December 6, 2008

Reader Poll III

Wow, a whopping 3 votes! Readership still not where I wish it was. Well anyway 66% (2 votes) said no we should not resign Ben Sheets while 33% (1 vote) said yes we should. Personally I would have voted yes. Sign Ben to a nice 2 year deal with a club option on a 3rd year. We are not resigning CC so we can just forget that pipe dream. But a rotation of Sheets, Gallardo, Parra, Bush and Suppan would be pretty good. If Sheets and Gallardo both stay healthy you basically have to #1's in your rotation and three other serviceable pitchers. I think Parra will only get better, Bush is very solid and Suppan, well he, he umm, well he was NLCS MVP in 2006. Poll #4 is up now, please vote. For the love of God, VOTE!

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