Monday, December 15, 2008

Reader Poll Four

In reader poll four we asked you what you would like to do with Brewers 2B Rickie Weeks for the 2009 season and you have spoken.

Keep Him At 2B: 50% (6 votes)
Trade Him: 33% (4 votes)
Move Him To CF: 16% (2 votes)

Seems like most people want to see Rickie stay at 2B for the 2009 season. And from the sounds of Doug Melvin that is exactly where Rickie will be and also leading off once again. Some people had talked about moving him to CF but I don't think the Brewers wanted to convert a guy to the OF for the third consecutive season. I know after his performance last season many people myself included wanted to see Weeks traded. But the more I thought about it I'm all for giving Rickie one more year to prove he is a above average big league 2B on offense and defense. It would hard to give up on a former 2nd overall pick who has TONS of potential, but just has not realized it yet. Hopefully working with Willie Randolph in 2009 Weeks can straighten out his defense and put up the close to the offensive numbers he put up in college and in the Minor Leagues. Best case scenario is Weeks breaks out in 2009 the way a similar player in BJ Upton did in 2008 for the Rays.

Reader Poll #5 is up now, go rock the vote.

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