Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Costas Added To MLB Network Lineup

Well it was rumored for quite sometime and today it became reality. Bob Costas has officially signed on with the MLB Network. I have really enjoyed the MLB Network since it debut on January 1st and now adding Costas to an already great group of on-air talent only makes the network that much better. However, this also put an end to the great "Costas Now" show on HBO since Costas had to leave that network to join MLB Network. Costas will stay on doing his normal duties for NBC though.

The main thing Costas will be doing at MLB Network is hosting his own hour long show "MLB Network Studio 42 with Bob Costas". The first episode will air this Thursday and his first guest will be Dodgers Manager Joe Torre. Bob will also be hosting some of the original programming and will do play-by-play for "select" regular season games on MLB Network. Hells yes! Costas is easily one of my all-time favorite baseball play-by-play guys. I can still remember the good old days when NBC had the World Series and Costas, Uecker and Morgan used to man the booth. So much better then the crap that is Fox's team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.

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