Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Words: Pitcher And Catchers (Technically Three, But You Get It)

Today, Friday February 13th, 2009 pitchers and catchers of the Milwaukee Brewers report to spring training in Maryvalle, Arizona. Man that is awesome. Fresh off their first postseason appearance in 26 years, they get ready to embark on a journey hopefully back to the postseason for the second straight season. Most of the core from last years club is back and ready to improve. There is no CC Sabathia or Ben Sheets anymore, but there is a healthy Yovani Gallardo, free agent Braden Looper and the all-time saves leader Trevor Hoffman at the back of the bullpen. Ken Macha is now calling the shots from the dugout and he has already been a breath of fresh air after the Ned Yost era.

As a baseball fan this has always been an exciting day because it is day 1 of a new beginning. The slate is wiped clean and the hope and excitement of a new season is starting. In a week or so the rest of the position players will show up then another week and they starts playing spring games. Before you know it it will be April and Opening Day will be here! I feel like a school girl right now I'm so giddy. And that is kind of weird, but not really. I mean this is Brewers baseball we are talking about.

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