Sunday, February 1, 2009

Out Of Options

MLB Trade posted a list of players on teams that are out of options to the minor leagues. Brewers CF Tony Gwynn, Jr. was on the list. Who cares? Gwynn is worthless, if his name wasn't Tony Gwynn no one would even care about this guy. Besides speed and being a pinch runner what does he bring to the table? He isn't that good of hitter and has no power with his wet paper towel for a bat. He doesn't even bunt all that well or carry a high OBP. So really he doesn't do anything you would want from a leadoff hitter with no power. I really hope he does not break camp on the Brewers 25 man roster, right now Trot Nixon is my choice to be the Brewers 4th OF. Sorry Tony, but all you got his a name. That is it.

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Anonymous said...

True. I have been saying this for years. People thought it was great when we drafted Gwynn and because of the name automatically assumed success.