Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Almost Here.....

A little less then 19 hours from now the Brewers will FINALLY open the 2009 season at AT+T Park in San Francisco. I could not be more excited. Just watching bits and pieces of "MLB Tonight" on MLB Network and catching some of the games on ESPN today have just wet my appetite for getting to see my team play tomorrow for the first time in a game that counts. I think I can sum up my excitement best in the text message I sent my buddy today. "Starting tomorrow, we have something to do and look forward to just about every single day for the next 6 months." Even Suppan getting the nod on opening day can't hamper my excitement about tomorrow. I'm using 3 hours of "sick time" tomorrow and leaving the office at 2pm so I can be home, changed into Brewers gear, comfortable in my chair with a beer cracked open in plenty of time before the first pitch from Tim Lincecum to Rickie Weeks.

I was pretty pumped today when the Timber Rattlers released their roster for the start of the 2009 season and Brett Lawrie and Cutter Dykstra were on that list. It's going to be fun making the trek a bit north to Appleton this summer getting to watch two of the Brewers top prospects just get going in their careers. It's nice that the Brewers have a minor league team in state again, gives you more of a reason to go to a minor league game when you can go see the future of your MLB team.

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edgrimly said...

That and the giant beers for dirt cheap.