Thursday, April 16, 2009

Riske To DL, RJ Swindle To Milwaukee

This move did not shock me one bit. You could tell in spring and in the one game Riske pitched in the regular season that he still is not right. We all remember watching Riske get lit up last year and then he went the DL as it was revealed he has a bone spur in his elbow. Well seeing him pitch in 2009 and this trip to the DL proves he probably never recovered. It's a shame we have only seen the good Riske (you know the one we gave that nice contract to) for that little bit at the beginning of 2008. If he was 100% healthy he would be a great help to our bullpen. I don't know if we will see that in 2009.

Taking Riske's spot will be left handed reliever RJ Swindle. Swindle is a side-winder similar to Brian Shouse. Never hurts to have two left handed pitchers to bring out of the pen, now the Brewers have that with Swindle and Stetter. Brewers start a 9 game, three city, east coast road trip tomorrow in New York at the new Mets stadium Citi Field, which from the looks of it on TV is an awesome ballpark. I like the fact the Brewers have Bush and Gallardo going in the first two games, but then have Suppan finishing out the series on Sunday.

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