Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My 2009 MLB Predictions

Here is the way I see the 2009 season going down. Feel free to agree or rip my predictions with your own.

American League

AL East Champs: Boston Red Sox

AL Central Champs: Cleveland Indians

AL West Champs: Oakland Athletics

AL Wild Card Champs: Tampa Bay Rays

AL Champs: Boston Red Sox

AL MVP: Grady Sizemore

AL Cy Young: Roy Halladay

AL ROY: Matt Wieters

National League

NL East Champs: New York Mets

NL Central Champs: Chicago Cubs

NL West Champs: Los Angeles Dodgers

NL Wild Card Champs: Milwaukee Brewers

NL Champs: New York Mets

NL MVP: Hanley Ramirez

NL Cy Young: Cole Hamels

NL ROY: Cameron Maybin

World Series Champs: Boston Red Sox

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