Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It Might Be Time For Manny Parra To Take A Trip To Nashville

Lets face it, Manny Parra's first three starts have been pretty awful. His second he only gave up 3 runs in 6 innings, but his first and third starts just plain terrible, going 4.1 and 4 respectively. I really thought this would be Manny's break out season, that he would really show everyone that he can be the strong #2 we need behind ace Yovani Gallardo. Well so far Parra has been not even close. In is three starts he has 9 walks and he seems to have pretty much no control whatsoever of his fastball. He seems to be able to throw his off speed stuff for strikes but just struggles to no end to get his fastball over to get ahead in the count. Is it physical? Or mental? I'm not really sure.

What I'm getting at is if Manny has another bad starts or two, it may be time to send him down to AAA Nashville to get himself right. It worked last season for Dave Bush, maybe it would work for Manny as well. The questions is who takes his spot in the rotation for a turn or two? Conventional wisdom says Seth McClung, but if Macha wants a lefty to replace him how about calling up Chase Wright from Nashville for a shot? He can't be any worse then Manny has been, can he?

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