Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gallardo Dealing

Man it was fun to watch last nights game. Yovani Gallardo was straight dealing, threw one bad pitch to Carlos Lee and other then that he was lights out. Really showed what most of us knew all the long that when healthy this guy is an ace and can be as good if not better then Ben Sheets. Complete game with 7 K's and 0 BB's in front of a bunch of his family. It was the first complete game of Yo's career and to do it in front of his family it had to be very special for him. Save for for his one bad inning against the Reds he has been as good as advertised. Gallardo's outing was so good it kind of overshadows what the offense did getting 4 of their 5 runs with a 2 out rally. Just hitting single after single to take the lead. Great hitting approaches in that inning by Corey Hart, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder. Oh and I almost forgot there was that football like collision between Mike Cameron and Houston catcher Humerto Quintero. Both guys stayed down for a bit and Quintero actually had to leave the game. When they did the replay with the sound it actually did sound like a collision you would hear on the gridiron.

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