Thursday, April 23, 2009

Respect The Beard

Man, Dave Bush had it working today. Pitching no-hit baseball through 7 2/3 innings. I didn't see it since I was at work, but had Uecker and Cory on the radio in my cubicle. It was probably the most intense I was listening to a game at work ever. After the Brewers got up 5-0 and Bush completed 5 innings of hit less baseball, I found myself getting as much work done while the Brewers batted so I could totally focus on the game while Bush pitched. I kept thinking to myself just get to the 9th and give yourself a chance to have only 3 outs to get for Brewers history. But Matt Stairs of course, a former Brewer ruined that with that solo HR in the 8th. This was the second time Bush took a no-hitter into the 8th as he did it last year against the Blue Jays at Miller Park. Someday he is gonna finish off one of these near no-hitters. And when he does, we can finally say someone other then Juan Nieves has tossed a no-no as a Brewer. Besides Bush's great outing Braun stayed hot and Fielder had a huge bases clearing 3 RBI double. Looking forward to the series in Houston with Gallardo going in the opener tomorrow night, also the first HD game of the season.

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