Tuesday, March 24, 2009

If You Have Options You May Be Punished

I got a little upset when I read this Haudricourt blog post today. It looks as though Chris Duffy and Casey McGehee are in danger of NOT heading north with the Brewers simply because they have options left. That is bullshit. So because Duffy and McGehee who have looked awesome this spring at the plate and in the field have minor league options left they may be going to Nashville while Tony Gwynn Jr. and Mike Lamb, two guys who have done nothing this spring (Gwynn hurt most of camp) might head north because they have no options and would have to go through waivers to go to Nashville. Unreal, I still stand by my comments that the only reason anyone even cares at all about Tony Gwynn Jr. is because that is his name. If his name was Tony Smith Jr. no one would think twice about him. He is not and will never be even half the player his Dad was. Duffy is a much better player overall. As for Lamb if you take him over McGehee you will have one right handed hitter on the bench at all times and that would be Mike Rivera the backup catcher. Oh and Lamb sucks, where McGehee is younger with more potential and he can play 3B, 2B, 1B and serve as an emergency catcher. Options or no options I want the best players on the Brewers I don't care if we lose Lamb and Gwynn through waivers. I guess one good thing is it seems Nelson is safe since he like Lamb and Gwynn have no options. And the Brewers know Nelson would be claimed since most teams like power hitting left handers who take walks on their bench. Maybe I'm getting worked up over nothing and Melvin and Macha will take the guys who deserve to be on the team, but it could well happen that Gwynn and Lamb make the team over Duffy and McGehee and that would be a crime.

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