Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mike Lamb, Boom, Outta Here!

Today Mike Lamb was informed he would NOT be making the club and will be placed on waivers at 1pm on Wednesday. There is still some question on if it will be release waivers or outright waivers, depends on if he would accept a job at AAA Nashville. This news means Casey McGehee, the guy I wanted to make the team all spring has earned a 25 man roster spot. YES! It's not that Lamb is a terrible player, I just preferred McGehee because of his versatility, youth, right handed bat off the bench and he just raked this spring. One thing I am a bit concerned about is that McGehee has not walked once this spring if my memory serves me correct. With Counsell, Nelson and either Gwynn or Duffy making the team Rivera would have been the only right handed stick off the bench which could have caused some late inning pinch hit problems. The Brewers management made the right choice with Nelson and now McGehee for bench spots. Will they make the right choice again and choose Chris Duffy over Tony Gwynn Jr.? We shall see. Something tells me they can't let go of TGJ for some reason and will send Duffy to AAA.

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