Saturday, March 28, 2009

Way To Be Accurate Anthony

This is the first time I have ever touched on this but have noticed it before on my own and through other Brewers blogs. Anthony Witrado from the JS makes a lot of mistakes. I can't believe how inaccurate many of his postings are at the JSonline Brewers blog and how his bosses at the JS put up with it to be honest. Here is the latest blunder:

"Dave Bush had a nice start against the Rangers tonight, going 6.2 innings and allowed four runs, two earned, on nine hits. He struck out six and walked three."

He was right, Dave did have a very nice start but actually struck out four and walked zero. Good job Tony, way to properly inform your readership. Now I actually like Haudricourt which I know many don't, but I'm not a fan of Witrado's at all.

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