Friday, March 13, 2009

News And Notes 3/13/09 Edition

Nice to see Yovani get back on track today vs the Royals. After getting rocked last week Sunday against them today we saw the Yo we are all expecting and in short time have gotten accustom to. 4 innings, 2 hits, 0 runs, 5 K's and 0 BB's. I still believe his shelling last week was mostly due to some "squeezing" if you will by that days home plate ump and it was all kind of set off my that miss play by Weeks at 2B screwing up the DP ball.

In my 25 man roster projection a did a few days ago I was under the impression Looper would open the season on the DL. That is not the case anymore as they now think he will be fine and will actually make his first Brewers start at the Home Opener vs the hated rivals from the south on April 10th, great news. And with that I have a change to my projected roster. Move Looper to the starting rotation McClung to the pen and Julio off the club. DiFelice has looked too good this spring and in the WBC for Italy to not make the team, he needs to stay. And I still would stick with Coffey over Morlan.

Duffy, Nelson and McGehee continue to play well and it seems more likely everyday that they will all make the club and join Counsell and Rivera on the Crew's bench in 2009. If Nixon and Lamb can't find other gigs I would love to have them in AAA for insurance, but right now I can't take either over any of the previous three I mentioned.

A couple days ago Manny Parra threw another 4 scoreless innings. Call me crazy and maybe having wishful thinking but maybe "it" finally clicked for Parra. We have all been told and have seen at times last year the great "stuff" he possesses. And I know it's just spring training games but dude has been dealing. With having four pitches to be able to throw if he continues to pound the zone and not walk guys he could be very special just like Gallardo. I heard someone the other day refer to Gallardo as a "bulldog" and Parra as a "poodle" but maybe Manny is getting that "bulldog" in him.

Jeff Suppan, well he still sucks. And that is all I'm gonna say. Actually I'm gonna say right now that I'm probably going to dread watching every single game he starts this season. He if officially the $42 mill mistake. My luck is every game I attend at Miller Park this season he will happen to be the starting pitcher. And then I will puke each time I see his +5 ERA on the scoreboard and awful WHIP.

Sunday night is my fantasy league's draft. I'm picking 11th out of 12. Kind of sucks, but then I also have the second pick in round two. I have my eye on a few guys that might be available at 11. Let me know your thoughts if you have any, also who I might want to take in round 2. I'm thinking one of the top pitchers, Santana or Lincecum.

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