Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Good At All

Today in his first game back with the Crew, Ryan Braun left the game against the Dodgers after two AB's with more "tightness" in his right side (intercostal, ribs, whatever you wanna call it). First of all I don't understand why he was even in the lineup when he said he was not 100%? I have a bad feeling this is going to linger all season and as good as Ryan is we saw how much it affected him last September when he batted like .200 something (maybe less then the Mendoza line)? Yes he hit the big grandslam against the Pirates and the game winning bomb against the Cubs to clinch the Wild Card but he was not the Ryan Braun we all know and love because of that intercostal injury. I would say he has to be shut down the next 12 days before opening day and hope that much rest will totally heel his right side or at least make it not feel as "tight". Bottomline is he shouldn't have played Sunday night for team USA or today for the Brewers. I just have an awful taste in my mouth that this is going to be a year long thing and that is going to suck for all of Brewers Nation.

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Brad said...

But don't you remember how Braun did in the playoffs? I think if he feels the best thing for him to do is play through it, let him play through it, have a slow April and then get used to the strain and tear the ball apart per usual