Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brewers "On Deck" Event Details For 1/24

The Brewers have announced all the details for their yearly fanfest "On Deck" event. It is one week from today on January 24th. Already got my tickets, going with three of my buddies. Should be a good time. I know a lot of people complained because you had to pay to get in and have to pay for some of the players autographs, which you didn't have to do in years past. Personally I don't mind, I like that they are having it on winter instead of right before the season starts. Gives you another chance/reason to think baseball when it is freezing out here in Wisconsin. I think the Midwest Airlines Center is a good place to host the event, and really is $15 to much to pay to get into a 7 hour Brewers event AND the stub from the even gets you a FREE terrace ticket to any one of the games against the Reds April 13-15? I think not.

As for the autographs, only three people cost $25. Ryan Braun, Trevor Hoffman and Bob Uecker. You would pay much more for any of those guys at a card show or signing through a memorabilia company. Every other player is $10 or free. I'm looking to try to get a ticket for Dave Bush who is $10 and a ticket for Mat Gamel/Angel Salome who are free. There will be 250 tickets for each player/coach/personality at the event, you can only pay cash.

Mostly looking forward to the press conference that they are holding at 10:30am to introduce Trevor Hoffman to Milwaukee. Pretty cool that we the fans will be able to attend something like this. Also should be cool to see some of the Q and A sessions they are going to do with players and coaches. All in all will be a really fun day to get pumped for the 2009 season. Let's just hope the Wisconsin weather cooperates.

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