Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally! My MLB Network Works!

Since my move at the end of December and now being a Time Warner Cable customer and not a Charter Cable customer I have not had the pleasure of viewing the new MLB Network. I was so excited to do so since back in October when I heard about the launch of the channel. For some reason the channel was not coming through our digital cable box at the house, I finally called and they decided they had to send a technician out. Well not only did they send one, it was a TWO technician job. Basically it was a "signal" problem the nice gentlemen from Time Warner told me. The splitters that were in the house (this is my future mother in-laws house, my fiancee and I are staying with her temporarily until our wedding in May and we get our own house) were bad and they simplified things threw in a new splitter, a few cables and then everything worked!

My impressions of the network thus far are positive. I have enjoyed the classic games that I have seen and really like the Prime 9 series show. I saw Prime 9 on centerfielders and all-time HR's. They had a little to much Red Sox stuff on this weekend. A lot of various shows that focused on Red Sox history and such, but it's better then a bunch of Cubs or Yankees shows I guess.

I'm really looking forward tomorrow to seeing my first episode of "Hot Stove" their live show that airs each weeknight from 6 to 7. Hopefully they will have some Brewers news to report. Also tomorrow they are going to have some Hall of Fame induction selection show on in the afternoon that I believe will re-run at night.

So all in all, I love it like I thought I would. And I also look forward to seeing much more of Hazel Mae, who gives me a weird feeling. Like when I used to climb the rope in gym class.

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