Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lots Of Arby Stiff Goin Down Today

Lots of little bits of news about the remaining Brewers arbitration eligible players broke out today little by little Of course Haudricourt was all over it all day here.

McClung signed a 1 year $1.6625 mill deal. The other players left Fielder, Hart and Weeks all submitted their numbers and none matched with what the club submitted. But none of the three are too far apart. So baring something crazy none should go to a hearing and all three should be able to meet in the middle and avoid a hearing.

Fielder and his agent Satan, errrr I mean Scott Boras want $8 mill, the Brewers offered $6 mill. Myself and most thought Fielder would be looking for $10 mill so only being $2 mill apart they should be able to get it done. I would say Fielder is probably worth at least $7 mill.

Corey Hart wanted $3.8 mill, Brewers offered $2.7 mill. Personally I would say Corey Hart is worth the $3.8 mill, that ain't much to pay a guy who although was terrible in September was an All-Star and had a very good all around year.

Rickie wants $2.8 mill in 09', Brewers say no. We want to give you $2 mill. I side the Brewers on this one. Weeks should make no more then $2 mill.

All in all, not bad that they were able to get McClung done and are very close with Fielder, Hart and Weeks. If any of these go to a hearing I would be pretty shocked. Even Fielder with Boras I expect them to settle in the middle and get the deal done.

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