Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday

Well today was one of those great lazy weekend days for me. Slept in till 9:30am which felt absolutely great. I can't remember the last Saturday or Sunday that I slept past 8am. Had some time to kill before the Marquette V Georgetown game at 1pm (what a great game, Marquette continues to prove that they are for real and I'm starting to believe that they can go DEEP into the NCCA Tourney this year. They also are very fun to watch with their up tempo game and great defense.). I remembered that I had a Half Priced Books gift card that I had gotten from my soon to be mother in-law for Christmas so I figured I got time I will go finally get something with it. I love shopping there at least once every month or so because you never know what you will find which is something I have always loved about second hand stores. Well I think I made out pretty good today.

I got three CD's and a book for $28. First lets start with the CD's, got Pearl Jam's "Yield" which was the only PJ CD I had not yet owned so I was pretty psyched when I found it. Second was Rush's "Moving Pictures". I always respected Rush and thought they were a good band but it was not until recently when I started buying some of their album collection. Lee, Lifeson and Peart are FANTASTIC musicians at their respective instruments. I wish I had gotten "into them" sooner and would love to see them live at some point which I heard is amazing. And third a hip-hop classic that reminds me of middle school, The Fugees "The Score". I had a copy years ago and have no idea what happened to it, this album could almost be a soundtrack to my middle school years.

And finally the book I bought which ties us into the baseball aspect of this blog was Bill Simmons "Now I Can Die In Peace". I have wanted to buy or at least check this book out of the library for awhile now. Simmons has been pretty much the only person I find worth reading over at as I like his everyday fan aspect that he brings into his columns and "BS Report" podcasts which people like myself can easily relate to. He is not some stuck up, smug I'm better then you type sports writer. Looking forward to reading the book, already read the first chapter and have already been entertained.

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