Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm Back! And The Brewers Still Have Not Done Shit.

Well the holidays are over and my move is complete. So we are finally updating VFBC. First off I have decided to no longer post follow ups to the reader polls. Mostly because I'm lazy and because I'm sure people can see the results and don't need me to explain them. I will probably leave it up for 2 days after the poll closes so people can see the final results, then I will put up a new poll. Sound good? Yeah I thought so to.

Well the Brewers still very quiet on the hot stove front. I think sometime this week or next we will see Melvin make some moves, just my gut feeling. With Randy Johnson now signed with the Giants we can take him off our wish list. The Brewers have recently been linked to Derek Lowe as a "mystery" team, whatever that is. I like Lowe a lot and would love to sign him, but I don't think we have the money to throw at him. If he could be had for 3 years $42-$45 mill I would pull the trigger on that in a heartbeat. But it sounds like Lowe is looking for around $16 mill a season and is a Boras client that coupled with his age not sure he is quite worth that kind of money. He is very good, durable and eats innings though. I would now put him behind Ben Sheets as my top two choices for a starting pitcher. Problem is both of those seem like long shots. Because of that I would say some more realistic choices for the Brewers to add to the rotation would be John Smoltz, Jon Garland or Braden Looper. I wouldn't have a problem with either of those three.

As for a closer, I really like Brandon Lyon and to a lesser extent Takashi Saito. Both could be had fairly cheap. The thing with Saito is his injured elbow, that is a concern so he would have to get checked out. But Lyon would be an awesome power arm closer and it would allow us to not have to worry about using Carlos Villanueva or Seth McClung in that role. I really hope Melvin considers one of these two and gets them soon before another team finally steps up and signs them.

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