Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Day At Brewers "On Deck" 2009

My three friends and I arrived at the Midwest Airlines Center around 8:30am, thank God we were able to wait inside unlike when they have held the event at Miller Park. The event was set to open at 10am. To our surprise there were not really as many people lined up as we thought. We knew we would easily have a chance to go for any player we wanted for autographs. My plan going into the event since I knew we were not going to get there super early was just to get a ball signed by Dave Bush. But I kind of changed my mind when I had the chance to meet and get a ball signed by the franchise Ryan Braun. It was a fun day, but a lot of standing around in lines. Which I know is the price you pay when you go to an event like this and are seeking autographs for your memorabilia collection.

I was a little disappointed that because we had to wait in line for Braun we missed out on seeing the Trevor Hoffman press conference as well as the Q&A with Melvin and Ash. But I can't complain to much since later on I was able to meet Melvin and get a picture with him, which was right up there with meeting Braun. At one of the Brewers merch stands I got a sweet Brewers "Octoberfest 2008" playoff shirt for only $5, I thought that was a steal. They had a bunch of sports card vendors there as well and at one I spent $3 on the only card made that shows CC Sabathia in a Brewers uni as a Brewer. It was from some 2008 Topps Update set. I thought it was another nice memento to remember that fantastic half a season with Sabathia as a Brewer. Here are a few pictures from the day.

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