Saturday, November 8, 2008

And The New Bench Coach Is..........

Yup, former Mets Manager Willie Randolph. The same guy who was one of three finalists for the Brewers Manager job. It's a very unexpected choice, I would have never imagined Randolph as a finalist for the bench coach job. Mostly because he has had success as a Manager and I would just figure that he would hold out until he was given another Managers job. Overall I think it's a good choice, Randolph although he was fired by the Mets and a lot of people put blame on him for their collapse he has a lot of experience and a good amount of knowledge of the NL. Before Willie got the Mets job he was a bench coach under Joe Torre for the Yankees. Between Macha, Randolph and Sveum I like our baseball knowledge on the coach staff. Now the only coaching position to fill is bullpen coach.

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